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Dragon Zakura

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Norifusa Mita
Comedy, Drama, School Life, Seinen, Slice of life


Kenji Sakuragi is a poor lawyer and ex-motorcycle gang member looking for an opportunity to boost his career. His chance finally comes with the nearly bankrupt and notorious Ryuuzan High School, referred to as "baka gakkou" (stupid school) by some. There, he sets up a special class that aims to prepare students to take and pass the entrance exam of Toudai.
068: How to Buy MittsRead
067: Help and SupportRead
066: Attracting FreshmenRead
065: The Rugby-Styled MethodRead
064: Memory TreeRead
063: Toudai Medical Student NotebookRead
062: Ain's PhysicsRead
061: Sperm and EggRead
060: Institute of Abe ShutaroRead
059: End of ExamsRead
058: The Rules For the Day Before the ExamRead
057: Don't Reward the Students!Read
056: RehearsalRead
055: Great Wall of ChinaRead
054: Aim For #1!!Read
053: Worker BeesRead
052: Hokkaido's Surface AreaRead
051: The Card CompetitionRead
050: A Teacher's Point of ViewRead
049: Be the Teacher!Read
048: A Teacher's Heartfelt WordsRead
047: Sakuragi's AdviceRead
046: Remember the Structure!Read
045: Exam for Japanese Living OverseasRead
044: A Class OutdoorsRead
043: The Correct Way to ReadRead
042: PotatoRead
041: PoisonRead
040: Arrival of the Japanese Language Teacher, Akutayama-Sensei!!!Read
039: It Won't Hurt to Forget!!Read
038: DeviationRead
037: The Meeting For SuccessRead
036: Victory!!Read
035: Demerit Point SystemRead
034: Four Paneled Manga?!Read
033: The Day Before The Showdown!!Read
032: The Battle of EnglishRead
031: Use English!Read
030: TOEFL and Japan's English AbilityRead
029: The Spirit of the ChallengeRead
028: Don't Use A Dictionary!Read
027: Please, Please MeRead
026: Enter, the English Teacher!Read
025: The Commencement of the Spartan Training CampRead
024: Question Printout Solution!Read
023: Read the Toudai Newspaper!Read
022: Textbooks Are More than Enough!Read
021: Lesson ReformRead
020: The Technique of EssaysRead
019: Written Test SupremacyRead
018: Teacher Employment TestRead
017: Don't Use Highlighters!Read
016: Blank Paper QuestionsRead
015: The Emotions of a HumanRead
014: The Collapse of the Special Advanced Class?!Read
013: Paragraph QuestionsRead
012: Toudai and KyoudaiRead
011: For Full MarksRead
010: Math Is a Sport!Read
009: Spartan Training CampRead
008: Capture with MangaRead
007: Classics is the KeyRead
006: Toudai Science Course OneRead
005: Turning PointRead
004: The Rules of SocietyRead
003: Special Advanced ClassRead
002: Dragon ZakuraRead
001: The School is Bankrupt?!Read
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