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Shoujo Romance

Ever since he was involved in a fight on the first day of school, Yoshida-san, who sits in the seat next to me, hasn't come to school even once. I only cared about my grades and my future, but, by chance, he befriends me so that I can bring him his homework. I became kinder to him when I learned of his innocence, but will he now confess to me as well...?!

Side Story 4_ Never Ending (End)Read
Side Story 3_ The Kids at the RiversideRead
Side Story 2_ Operation Iyo's Prince!Read
Side Story 1_ Sasayan-kun's Story 2Read
048_ Graduation CeremonyRead
047_ Third-Year StudentsRead
046_ Home Sweet HomeRead
045_ The Warm DawnRead
044_ Yamaken and ShizukuRead
043_ Two People in a DreamRead
042_ Merry-Go-RoundRead
041_ Two Weeks LaterRead
040_ Going to See the WorldRead
039_ ShizukuRead
038_ The Day of the School FestivalRead
037_ Yuuzan's StoryRead
036_ Future PathsRead
035_ Sasayan-kun and Natsume-chanRead
034_ Summer Holidays; Second Round - Part 3 (The Last Summer)Read
033_ Summer Holidays; Second Round - Part 2Read
032_ Summer Holidays; Second Round - Part 1Read
031_ A Happy ParadiseRead
030_ The BeginningRead
029_ The First StepRead
028_ SpringRead
027_ A Break From Haru (Spring Break)Read
026_ The End of One YearRead
025_ The Two In LoveRead
024_ Birthday; Last PartRead
023_ Birthday; Part 1Read
022_ Girls Cooking ChocolateRead
021_ Sasayan and HaruRead
020_ Staying OvernightRead
019_ The _Sort Of_ DateRead
018_ The Suspicious HolidayRead
017_ Natsume-san's StoryRead
016_ Drawing To The End Of The YearRead
015_ Yamaguchi Kenji-kunRead
014_ ChristmasRead
013_ 0 & 1Read
012_ Welcome! Matsuyou Festival_ Part 2Read
011_ Welcome! Matsuyou Festival_ Part 1Read
010_ The Distance of the TwoRead
009_ I Love YouRead
008_ The Girl's Melancholic DaysRead
007_ Things about YoshidaRead
006_ It's SummerRead
005_ An Explosion In PopularityRead
004_ Troublesome PersonRead
003_ StrangeRead
002_ I Don't Hate YouRead
001_ My Neighbour is YoshidaRead
Summer Holidays; Second Round- Part 3 (The Last Summer)Read
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