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Museum of Terror

Last release: 6.01: Souichi's Selfish Curse »

Itou Junji
Horror, Comedy, Supernatural


This manga centers around Souichi, an 11 year old eccentric oddball who specializes in voodoo and enjoys causing havoc among various people.

Due to how inactive we are on this project because of a lack of staff members, this project has been dropped, and Death Toll Scans will be taking over this project. We wish them the best of luck, and hopefully, this series will get more frequent releases!

6.01: Souichi's Selfish CurseRead
5.06: Souichi's BirthdayRead
5.05: Mannequin TeacherRead
5.04: Souichi's House Call InterviewRead
5.03: Souichi's Diary of DelightsRead
5.02: Fun Winter VacationRead
5.01: Fun Summer VacationRead
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