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Screaming Lessons

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Ishikawa Emi
Horror, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural


Welcome to the classes of horror! I will be your guide to a world that lurks under everyday life. For these lessons, you don't need text books or notebooks.

If you're prepared for the worst...
V11 C43_ Marionette's LoverRead
V11 C42_ Best Friend ChocolateRead
V11 C41_ The Erasing BlackboardRead
V11 C40_ Midnight KotatsuRead
V10 SP02_ The Birth of YomiRead
V10 SP01_ Girls and BoysRead
V10 C39_ At Emily-chan's HomeRead
V10 C38_ Soprano of MiraclesRead
V10 C37_ The Witch of the Library RoomRead
V09 SP1_ Guard of the MountainRead
V09 C36_ The Fish FamilyRead
V09 C35_ Hell's Clock - Part TwoRead
V09 C34_ Hell's Clock - Part oneRead
V09 C33_ The Toilet GoddessRead
V08 SP_ Human RankingRead
V08 C32_ The Queen's TrickRead
V08 C31_ My Older Brother and IRead
V08 C30_ Last White DayRead
V08 C29_ The Requirements of a BelleRead
V07 SP_ Boyfriend StoryRead
V07 C28_ The Do-Gooder ClubRead
V07 C27_ Make-believe sistersRead
V07 C26_ Scarecrow TeacherRead
V07 C25_ The Friendly Apartment ComplexRead
V06 SP_ _The Bus to Hell_Read
V06 C24_ The Day I Became a Demon -Second Part-Read
V06 C23_ The Day I Became a Demon -First Part-Read
V06 C22_ The Land of MermaidsRead
V06 C21_ The Slit-Mouthed WomanRead
V05 SP01_ The Home of DollsRead
V05 C20_ Best FriendRead
V05 C19_ The Money TreeRead
V05 C18_ Miracle BallRead
V05 C17_ Black ForumRead
V04 SP01_ Black Cat SayaRead
V04 C16_ The Girl Under The BedRead
V04 C15_ Execution ClassroomRead
V04 C14_ From The Land of MirrorsRead
V04 C13_ Shii-chan's DiaryRead
V03 SP02 + SP03_ The Sacrifice ClubRead
V03 SP01_ Cursed HairRead
V03 C12_ The Endless Game of TagRead
V03 C11_ The Truth About Yomi - Part 2Read
V03 C10_ The Truth About Yomi - Part 1Read
V03 C09_ Kasako-san is ComingRead
V02 SP01 + SP02_ The Last ChristmasRead
V02 C08_ The Matching ClassRead
V02 C07_ Supplements for the BrainRead
V02 C06_ Graduate Number 108Read
V02 C05_ Bloody ValentineRead
V02 C04_ The Abandoned School at MidnightRead
V01 SP04_ The Family of 5Read
V01 SP03_ The Ocean is CallingRead
V01 SP02_ Black ProfileRead
V01 SP01_ The Kind Mama's HouseRead
V01 C03_ Mary's Dining TableRead
V01 C02_ The Bonds of a CurseRead
V01 C01_ The Devil's GameRead
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